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look down...

what do you see?

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this community was created on dec. 19th, 2003 for people to post pictures of looking down on stuff.
this community is just the opposite of the look_up community :)

examples: you may be at the top of a flight of stairs and see someone at the bottom.

you are in a building looking out the window and see something/someone on the street.

you are in a plane looking out the window...show us the view!

only 2 rules:

1. if the pic is really big (say...maybe 800 pixels wide), please use the lj cut feature. look here if you don't know how to do a cut. and if you need something to shrink your pics to the right size, try a program called irfanview...it's great!

2. please keep it clean...no nudity, inappropriate images, etc. i have young kids (they will see the pics) and i ask you to respect that.

do not spam my community with ads for other communities!! there are plenty of appropriate places to do that.

have fun, tell your friends and enjoy!

thank you...beepboop